The Tossers

The Tossers

  • Mike Pawula - Guitar
  • Emily Ruth Constantinou - Violin
  • Bones - Drums
  • Peter Muschong - Bass
  • Aaron Duggins - Tin Whistle
  • Tony Duggins - Voice/Mandolin

Twenty four years since their inception, undisputed punk hooligans THE TOSSERS have emerged holding the Irish crown with their latest release, Smash The Windows, set for release on March 3rd, 2017.

Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, THE TOSSERS defined their sound as their contemporary peers were sculpting their own like-minded bands. These Southside Chicagoans, whose members were largely born and raised in an Irish Catholic enclave, use traditional Celtic instrumentation with a snotty, punk rock edge.

Not content to remain in their Irish stronghold, THE TOSSERS came to Chicago’s Victory Records in 2005 to release The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death. Their unparalleled work ethic was highlighted with 2007’s Agony, which took their unashamed live shows to Ireland, France, Finland, Sweden, UK and all over Europe. In 2008, the band demonstrated their live prowess with the collection, Gloatin’ and Showboatin’: Live on St. Patrick’s Day on DVD/CD. New music followed later that year with the release of On a Fine Spring Evening. Having kept fans waiting, THE TOSSERS released The Emerald City, in 2013, dubbed “their most complete and fully realized release” by Alternative Press.

In 2017, THE TOSSERS are ready to deliver Smash The Windows - a 17 song, action packed album that tells the story of Irish America, and the epic spirit of culture and heritage. No, these are not dusty old moments of THE TOSSERS past. To record Smash The Windows, throaty front-man/mandolin/banjo expert Tony Duggins and the gang teamed with longtime producer Andy Gerber at Million Yen Studio in Chicago in mid-2016. With his brother Aaron Duggins blowing the tin whistle steam, THE TOSSERS include the deep-rooted team of Mike Pawula on guitar and drummer Bones, bassist Peter Muschong, and newest member Emily Ruth Constantinou on violin.

A constant crowd pleaser, THE TOSSERS channel everyone’s inner Irishman with upbeat anthems and lyrics that speak of their lives. The band plays countless live shows every year, spreading their Irish spirit and winning fans with every joyous performance that they’ve been mastering for decades.


Tony Duggins - Vocalist / Mandolin / Banjo
Emily Ruth Constantinou - Violin
Bones - Drums
Peter Muschong - Bass
Aaron Duggins - Tin Whistle
Mike Pawula - Guitar

Smash The Windows Track Listing:

1. Erin Go Bragh

2. Smash The Windows

3. I Will Court Them All

4. Humors Of Chicago

5. Drinking All The Day

6. The Horses

7. Resurrection Mary

8. Danny Boy

9. 1969

10. Whiskey

11. The Town Where I Was Born

12. My Love

13. Mairi's Wedding

14. Lots Of Drops Of Brandy

15. A Ghra Mo Chroi

16. Fare You Well

17. The Foggy Dew

  • Merry Christmas Merry Christmas (VR773)
  • Smash The Windows Smash The Windows (VR746)
  • The Emerald City The Emerald City (VR691)
  • On A Fine Spring Evening On A Fine Spring Evening (VR441)
  • Gloatin And Showboatin - Live On St. Patricks Day CD-DVD Gloatin And Showboatin - Live On St. Patricks Day CD-DVD (VR436)
  • Agony Agony (VR344)
  • The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death (VR279)

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