The Bunny The Bear

The Bunny The Bear

  • Haley Roback - The Bear (Vocals)
  • Matthew Tybor - The Bunny (Vocals)

In 2008, Matthew Tybor, more commonly known as "The Bunny", began collecting members for his newest project. But what is a Bunny without his Bear? Desperate to find his ferocious counterpart, The Bunny's prayers were answered by the addition of Chris Hutka, The Bear. Sporting a plastic bunny and bear mask respectively, Tybor's piercing screams seemed to be complimented perfectly by Hutka's strong, clean vocals, and with that, THE BUNNY THE BEAR was let out of its cage. Harnessing their primal artistry, the guys began recording material in 2010, broadcasting their creativity through blasts of electronic triggers. Their blending of hardcore, metal, and electronic genres lifted critics speechless, unsure of how to classify the band. The Bunny has taken it upon himself to offer some sort of method to their musical madness saying, "To put it simply, we are weird. If I had to describe it? Heavy, electronic and experimental. I write whatever the F&*$ I want. There's a bit of everything."

So, with beats in their heads and lyrics at their tongues, THE BUNNY THE BEAR caught the attention of top execs and signed to Victory Records February in 2011, releasing their debut full length, If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say... later that year, then their sophomore, The Stomach For It, the following year. Consistently creative, the band just one year later released Stories and demonstrated a newfound strength in producing melodic harmonies that were both energetic and unexpected. In an era when every band looks and sounds the same, crowds everywhere are embracing their individualism with arms open wide.

2014 welcomed a newly matured sound in the form of new album, Food Chain, dubbed by Alternative Press as THE BUNNY THE BEAR's "most adventurous and disturbing work to date." Seeming to have caught their stride, there were massive changes and plans in the works, complete with line-up changes and an even softer, more accessible sounding THE BUNNY THE BEAR.

With the recent addition of female vocalist Haley Roback, the newest Bear and Rochester, NY native, the band plans to continue buckling the genres of dance, electronica, hardcore and pop. "I am extremely happy and honored to be joining THE BUNNY THE BEAR. I cannot wait to see where this road takes us", she states. The band recently released a new video for the deep cut, "It's Not Always Cold In Buffalo", from the 2013 album, Stories, showcasing the band's newfound abilities to reach ranges and create melodies they were unable to without the addition of Roback's impressive, soothing vocal capacity.

THE BUNNY THE BEAR will bring their charismatic and trademarked theatrical performance to Vans Warped Tour this summer audiences beginning July 26th. Tybor expresses his excitement to be participants of this year's tour, "We are so honored to be part of one of the most legendary touring festivals of all time, and feeling extremely blessed to get this opportunity. We cannot wait to see audiences bounce and bash as we deliver every ounce of energy we have on stage." The duo will be performing tracks from their upcoming album, A Liar Wrote This, due out everywhere on July 28th -- you will not want to miss this new and improved version of a band that continues to push the boundaries.

  • A Liar Wrote This A Liar Wrote This (VR729)
  • Food Chain Food Chain (VR706)
  • Acoustic EP Acoustic EP (VR710)
  • Stories Stories (VR686)
  • The Stomach For It The Stomach For It (VR672)
  • If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say (VR636)

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