• David Wood - Bass
  • Martin Stewart - Guitar
  • Jordan Posner - Guitar
  • Nick Jett - Drums
  • Scott Vogel - Vocals

Hardcore veterans, Terror, joined the Victory Records roster with a bang, unleashing Live By The Code in April of 2013. The lyrics, paired with the album's extensive layout laid out to music fans worldwide what it meant to truly live your life by "the codes" of hardcore. Supporting the genre community, sticking to your roots, and delivering the truth - these and much more illustrated what it really means to be in the hardcore family.

For centuries we lived without fear of repercussion, as our greed and depravity has driven us to our collapse. We have lost all compassion for our fellow man and abused everything in sight. The 25th Hour is upon us.

Terror formed in 2002 as a direct reaction to what was occurring in the underground musical scene that they called home. Disgusted with what was being presented and passed off as hardcore, they attempted to reclaim the bastardized genre by playing the music as it had originated; in it's most raw, honest and angry form. Immediately, there was a connection with likeminded people across the globe, and led the band to continually play shows all over the world. Terror started as an idea, but quickly turned into a crusade. Terror captured the ferocity that the genre had been missing, and with their amazing work ethic and nihilistic approach to touring, they became the hardcore flag-bearers of this generation.

Terror's last few albums created movements immediately upon their release. The titles summed up the current climate of hardcore music and served as a rally cry for all its believers. Their new album follows this same suit. The current incarnation of the band, which features the longest tenured lineup in their history, assembled last fall with one intent: to act defiantly in "The 25th Hour". If this is truly our potential climax, all would be stripped away and we would return to our most basic form. Terror consciously mimicked this urgency, and returned to their roots on their newest release. They acted without a producer, and cumulatively crafted The 25th Hour together. If it was too long, it was trimmed down. If it was too slow, it was sped up. If it had nothing to say, it was thrown away. Every song was deliberately manifested to exude the desperation, immediacy and passion of the early days of the band. Once recorded, the album was then mixed by Tom Soares, who had engineered or mixed some of hardcore's most influential artists such as Judge, Leeway, The Cro Mags, Agnostic Front, Sick of It All, and Killing Time. This put the final critical touches on Terror's latest musical statement. With the album now completed, Terror will go back to what they do best - performing live. They plan to continue their 13-year legacy of decimating all stages they come in contact with and spread their truth to all corners of the world.

Is our doom imminent, or can we reverse the savagery that lies within our DNA? Is it too late to create change? Will we rise or fall when "The 25th Hour" strikes?

Grab The 25th Hour upon its release - August 7th, 2015.

  • The 25th Hour The 25th Hour (VR725)
  • Live By The Code Live By The Code (VR693)

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