Awaken I Am

Awaken I Am

  • Ryan Oxford - Bass
  • Connor Oakley - Guitars
  • Ned Jankovic - Guitars
  • Luke McKenzie - Drums
  • Jimmy Stevenson - Vocals


As their first US tour came to a close in March of 2018, tragedy struck AWAKEN I AM on their home soil in Brisbane, Australia. On the morning of May 15, guitarist Connor Verner-Oakley’s 24 year old life was cut short by the hands of an intentionally reckless driver, whose unsuccessful attempt took the wrong life. While in the US, the band was able to cut “Dissolution,” sadly the final recording starring Oakley (previously released April 30, 2018).

Following the accident, the remaining members of AWAKEN I AM returned to the US and dove straight into writing/recording with producer Taylor Larson (The Word Alive, Asking Alexandria). Apart from two songs written before his passing, the other three tracks serve as a tribute to Oakley. Some directed towards their fallen brother, others at the responsible party and the songs from those sessions proved to be both cathartic and inspiring. Drummer Luke McKenzie divulges, “’Dissolution’ was the last track we had the privilege of recording with Connor, he was so proud of it. We shared the same dream with him and we hope to make him proud by keeping that dream alive with The Beauty In Tragedy.”


On the EP’s title, McKenzie adds, “Through all of the pain, our goal was to take a completely tragic situation and make something beautiful from it, inspiring the album name The Beauty In Tragedy. Recording this was a chance to be sad, angry, confused and try to find a way to come to terms with the grief the best we can through music.”

Longtime friend (and sometimes fill-in for the band), Jay Sibthorpe, stepped in to record the new tracks. “Jay was very close with Connor,” says bassist Ryan Oxford. “Having Jay here makes it the best thing in the world as a result of the most horrible situation. Having someone who did not mean anything to Connor would have been probably one of the hardest things to adapt to.”

AWAKEN I AM kick off 2019 with a pair of tours with San Diego’s Secrets, first in Australia starting January 31, followed by AWAKEN I AM’s second US tour on April 26.

The Beauty In Tragedy (April 26, 2019)

1 - Kin

2 - By Your Side

3 - Dissolution

4 - Indifference

5 - The Stages Of Grief

“Fresh and exhilarating, melodic and soothing, emotional and difficult with levels of storytelling grace” - NEW NOISE
“One of the glossiest, immaculately preened entries into this scene” - SOUND BOARD
“A cinematic album that’ll see them enter top-tier echelon of heavy music” - HYSTERIA
“A sonic masterpiece filled with layered soundscapes. Intricate yet powerful” - LEMONADE
“Synth-based pop-rock with some post-hardcore influence” - PURE GRAIN AUDIO
“Their most unexpected, most experimental and diverse release to date” - FORTE
“Grooving beats, atmospheric melodies, gentle bubbling melody climbs Awaken I Am to their rightful place” - DEPTH
“One of the scene’s newest acts that everyone should pay attention to” - BUFFALO STATE RECORD
“10 electronic, hard-edged anthems blasting with up-tempo mainstream rock” - MERIDEN RECORD JOURNAL
“Shimmers with atmosphere, sky-high vocal hooks, and a seductive curveball” - ROCK SOUND
 “Super energetic catchy metal-pop” - HEAVY
“A band that deserves to be catapulted into the spotlight” - KILL YOUR STEREO

  • The Beauty In Tragedy The Beauty In Tragedy (VR767)
  • Blind Love Blind Love (VR744)

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