Abandoned By Bears

Abandoned By Bears

  • Max Fahlman - Drums
  • Jacob Devinder - Guitar
  • Gustav Eriksson - Bass
  • Fredric Andersson - Vocals
  • Leon Ekelund - Vocals

“Pop punk metalcore hybrids haven’t sounded this good before, this is the soundtrack to your summer” - HYSTERIA

“ABB is leading the direction of pop-punk” - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

“Absolutely crushing” - ROCK SOUND

“Pop melodies with punk hardcore energy and aggression” - NEW NOISE

“Hooks aplenty, crushing, genuinely great musicianship” - NEW FURY

“Full of pop punk hooks and hauntingly ferocious” - SPINNING THOUGHTS

“Unfailingly catchy, banging tunes” - SOUND OF PEN

‘Ear catching hardcore and pop punk “ - DEAD PRESS

“The soundtrack for the youth of today” - BUFFALO STATE RECORD

“Breakdowns, melodies, energy and catchy choruses” - QUEBEC NOTEBOOK

“Excitingly sonic energetic anthems” - MERIDEN JOURNAL

“Sophisticated mix of hard riffs and full throttle bangers” - HANDWRITTEN MAGAZINE

For a band that’s been together since 2012, ABANDONED BY BEARS is just hitting their prime with their new album Headstorm, released on August 24, 2018. Recorded at various studios in Sweden’s pockets of Malmo and Trelleborg, the album has an authentic and homegrown feel that the band largely attributes to the additional use of both vocalists Leon Ekelund and Fredric Andersson’s studios in order to complete the album. “This time around it felt like we had time to sit down and just have free reign creatively and it shines in the songs,” Ekelund pours on about the process for completing this album.

Up until this album, ABANDONED BY BEARS has produced all of their own work - from spearheading videos, album production and engineering, coordinating photo shoots, creating merch designs, booking tours, designing posters, scheduling interviews and everything else associated with an international touring artist - all held tightly together as the band lived in scattered parts of Sweden. However, on Headstorm, they sought the guidance of Buster Odeholm (Impact Studios) to bring on a fresh set of ears for the mixing and mastering. “You get pretty subjective when listening to your own music so many times that it is hard to make crucial mixing decisions. Buster did a great job and he’s truly talented with audio,” Ekelund continues.

“While this album does not have one specific message, I really hope the fans will appreciate the lyricism of this album as it is much more planned out than before. I think we got a lot better at English from touring the States these past few years!”

“We would never write the same sort of album twice because you change and grow as a musician, you also change as a human being - and with that said, we hope our fans grow with us. We hope they will enjoy our new album as much as we do, and we hope they welcome the changes we’ve made sonically in a positive way. There is that ‘classic’ ABB vibe with a lot of breakdowns and all that jazz, but there are also some new things which we are super excited about. The cover imagery of the world is defined that even though you're always surrounded by everyday things you have to deal with, in the end you're just a small piece of something bigger.”

Before Headstorm is released, the band will return to their second love - the road. They’ll start out August 18 at the High Five Summer Fest in Sodertalje, Sweden, and head to Chicago, IL on August 24 to kick off the official Headstorm Tour, with support from Light Up The Sky, Boys Of Fall and label-mates We Were Sharks.

  • Headstorm Headstorm (VR753)
  • The Years Ahead The Years Ahead (VR732)

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